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Hollywood vs. Physics: When Reality Strikes!

Hollywood is known for bending the rules of physics, and in some cases disregarding these fundamental laws entirely. Millions of people flood the movie theaters to watch the latest film and are astounded by the amazing scenes they see. The audience rarely contemplates the legitimacy of the stunts, and would rather watch in blissful ignorance. It comes as no surprise that the Fast and Furious movie series can be found in the ranks of physics-defying films. However, there may be some truth hidden in the wild car chases and death defying stunts. The fifth film in the speed-demon collection, Fast Five, is mystifying in its abuse of the laws that govern our universe. Viewers sit spellbound as the characters on screen are tossed from speeding trains, flip cars with fancy maneuvers, and walk away barely scathed. The most attention grabbing scene of Fast Five is perhaps the car jump scene, where Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner drive headlong off a cliff and jump into the water far below. To…

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